Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MS Ride 2008

The MS Ride 2008 wrapped up my Fixed Gear Year. The ride was great, met some cool new people as I usually do on any ride. Quite a few people commented on my sanity. Ran into some old friends and had a great time all the way around....except for the mice. You see, while I camped out at last year's event, this year I decided to rent a quaint "cabin" in the hills of Mt Vernon.
Cabin my ass! It resembled more of a ramshackle garage with a bed and one those old big screen TV's. The shower had radiant heated floors however...not quite sure the rationale on that one. Anyhow, I was getting my trusty Redline 925 prepped for the weekend's events when my girlfriend screamed that a giant rat had run across the floor by the TV. I figured she was hallucinating since we had recently dealt with a rougue mouse in our apartment. As I lashed my number plate to the handlebars, I too noticed an errant rodent scurrying across the floor. Not a rat, but not quite a mouse.
Later that night, we heard rodents playing rugby in the walls and ceiling. The next morning, a rat-mouse almost fell onto my girlfriend's head as it scaled the doorframe. The second night, we created a makeshift barricade from a glass tabletop so as to keep the mice from walking into the bedroom via the doorway.
I'm camping out again next year! See you on the course!

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