Friday, April 11, 2008

First Fixie Ride

I called the LBS today, and whaddayaknow, the front wheel that I ordered had come in! That was the present to myself that I needed after putting up with my usual shitty work week. As I popped my head into the LBS, the owner presented me with my shiny new Alex rim with it's low flange Formula hub. I picked out a couple of new water bottles to replace my moldy, dirty old ones that I never wash, picked out a pair of chain tensioners, and cringed at my oncoming heart attack as he ran my debit card through the machine. I reminded myself that I had budgeted for this...I knew this was coming, but it still hurts. I wish bike stuff was free....I suppose if I were sponsored it would be free. But I'm not sponsored and my stuff is not free which is why I drive an old Toyota.

In any case, I convinced myself that I had finished my business at the LBS. But no. The owner had other plans for me. On my way out, he handed me flyers for upcoming tours and charity rides. How could I say no to the only guy in the state that could get the exact wheel I was looking for at a moment's notice? Besides, I like tours and love charity rides that help out others. People have always looked at me as the crazy guy on the single speed.

"You're gonna ride 100 miles on WHAT???!!??!?!?!"

Hey, given my current financial situation, it's my only bike. It's my commuter, my bad weather commuter, my touring bike, my weekend bike. Some days it has full fenders and Buddy Flaps, some days it has none.

But this will be my first ride over 50 miles on the fixed side of the hub. I usually do anything 50 miles or above on a 16T freewheel. I removed the rear brake to avoid any temptation to flip the back wheel. After riding on my newly matched wheelset, I think the Daffodil Classic (yeah, THAT sounds fucking tough....I'm so bad ass) will be nice and smooth. Yet I know I'll have nightmares of bonking and looking like a moron for the next two days.

"Fixies are for hipsters moron!"

I am pretty confident I can prove them all wrong, and maybe even show up a few carbon fiber yuppies in the process. Not many, but a few....

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