Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kill Hipsters

A former co-worker of mine got me into the whole charity riding thing last year and I'm glad she did. I enjoy riding my bike, and as much as I can't stand most people, I like to help out where I can. When I told her I'd be bringing the trusty 925 on the 2007 MS 150, she hinted that I was nuts...which may be true. I joked that I'd ride the whole weekend fixed (which I didn't...I pussed out and rode the free side). My friend asked me if I still had brakes on the 925. Of course I do (well...I I just have "brake"). She was relieved because, as she told me:

"Fixes kill hipsters."

Which may be true. I haven't read any studies on hipster death recently. But, even if it does, what the fuck do I care? I like Motorhead not Modest Mouse. The guys on the pink fixies in the tight girls' jeans don't have anything in common with me. My fixed gear isn't just for coffee shop runs to get some caramel blow me latte.

In my opinion, kill the hipsters. Hell, if we don't do it, they'll just commit suicide while listening to emo music anyway.

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